About the playground

A place to play

The outdoor area with about 150 m² offers plenty of space to run around and play.
The indoor area has everything that children like to play with.

Our concept

The concept of our playground is to encourage children to find toys they can play themselves without the help of an adult. That means the pace and the toys need to be very animating: A lot of our toys are unique: created and designed by Janni after he observed the children playing and realizing what is missing or what would be a perfect addition.

The pedagogic concept of Monster Café is to encourage children to play together. Our pedagogues invite all children of different nationalities and of different age groups to interact and to play together. We guide and stimulate the children to develop new skills, social and motor competences.

New friends - new skills: Monster Café is the meeting point for children in Massouri. The language at our crafts table is international. Everybody paints and glues and cuts together.

For the safety of all children, and to reassure parents our complete area is fenced.

monster cafe - childcare

Our play area and toys for the children

We have a lot of place and toys for children of all ages.

Inventory for the smallest ones: we have a changing table, baby`s hamock, a port- bebé, stroller and a cod.

At Monster Café it`s possible to do many different things at the same time: during some children are crafting, others drive around with the bobby cars and others are converting the soft play in a pirate ship playing pirates. And maybe indoors a baby is sleeping…

monster cafe - playground
Babies (under 1 year old)
  • lots of colorful toys
  • the love of our whole staff
  • Softpanels on the ground
  • Baby walker
  • Baby bouncer
  • Ramps to learn walk up and down (the favorite of every just walking baby)
  • Baby box
monster cafe - playground

monster cafe - playground
Toddlers (1-3 years old)
  • Rides: Bobby car, pucky bike, micro scooters
  • Toys: Lego, blocks, dolls and strollers, wooden train, play cars, books
  • Role play: Play kitchen, play supermarket, play restaurant, costumes to dress up
  • Activities: Play dough, painting, sidewalk, chalk
  • Playground: Soft play, hammocks, enough space to run around
monster cafe - playground

monster cafe - playground
Preschool age (3-6 years old)
  • Rides: Micro scooter, animal riding horses
  • Toys: Playmobil, puzzle, board games (memory, lotto), marble run, books
  • Role play: Supermarket, restaurant, pick nick, doctor, veterinary
  • Activities: Face painting, painting nails, to style the hair, dressing up all kind of crafts with water colors, tempera colors, creative up cycling of toilet paper roles, paper plates, tins, plastic spoons
  • Playground: Turntable, balance beam, gymnastic rings, turntable ladder
monster cafe - playground

monster cafe - playground
Primary school age (6-10 years old)
  • Toys and attractions: Wooden stilts, marble run puzzle, puzzle
  • Board games: (Ubongo, the crazy labyrinth, UNO, Dobble), IQ puzzle, chess
  • Activities: Beads, painting, gluing, cutting, paying hide and seek, catch, robbers and cops
  • Playground: Acrobatic trapeze, vertical silk, hanging ladder, zipline
monster cafe - playground
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monster cafe